Moving and Rotating Google Earth Elements

We are using the web based Google Earth to translate and rotate polygons and poly lines for plate reconstruction. After uploading a kml file by either dragging and dropping it to the designated area or selecting it from local drive you can do several things:


  1. Select individual features from the list of features to apply operations on
  2. Perform a translation by dragging and dropping a destination pin, or by typing in heading and distance of the translation.
  3. Do a similar procedure for rotation, define an Euler pole and an angle of rotation.
  4. Simplify features by predefined height of the triangle to be simplified.
  5. Edit the shape of individual features.
  6. Change the color of individual features.
  7. Create intermediate steps for rotation or translation.
  8. Create a time span, the sort of animation that can be played in the Google Earth app.
  9. Also you can reexport this as a kml file.
  10. Finally, there is always a convenient undo button present.

MaRGEE Google Earth version
MaRGEE Google Maps version

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