GigaPan, 3D model, and VFE resources for Tempe ETX meeting

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming (HTML5-based)

Wind River Canyon, Wyoming (Flash-based)

Massanutten Synclinorium, Virginia (HTML5-based)

Massanutten Synclinorium, Virginia (Flash-based)

Rathlin Island: kilometer to micron (HTML5-based)

Rathlin Island: kilometer to micron (Flash-based)

Sedimentary deposits in the Canadian Rockies (HTML5-based)

Sedimentary deposits in the Canadian Rockies (Flash-based)

Siccar Point, Scotland (HTML5-based, including 360° spherical photos and 3D models)

All our GigaPans, in chronological order

All our GigaPans, organized into thematic “galleries”

All of our 3D models on Sketchfab

Rock identification review exercise 1 via 3D models

Metamorphic rocks virtual collection (HTML5-based)

Metamorphic rocks virtual collection (Flash-based)

NOVA mineralogy reference page (lots of hand sample and thin section GIGAmacros, plus YouTube videos of thin sections rotating under PPL and XPL)

Glacial geomorphology online lab exercise : Part I (field and hand sample imagery) and Part II (maps, also in GigaPan form)

Sediment samples virtual collection (Google spreadsheet w/ links)

Fake field trip 1: Geologic history of a cross-section (Externally hosted; Flash based)

GIGAmacro viewer demo: collection of images related to the Spechty Kopf diamictite & related units, West Virginia

GIGAmacro viewer utility: determining geopetal “up” direction (blog post)

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