Future Events

2016 Events

September 24, 2016. Annual GSA Short Course T507. Digital Technology across the Earth Science Curriculum—A Short Course for Preservice and In-service Teachers and Undergraduate Instructors. Saturday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m. Participant support available to pre-/in-service teachers, undergraduate instructors, and relevant academic support staff.

September 25, 2016. Annual GSA Digital Poster Session T76: Training Preservice Teachers to Apply Digital Technology across the Geoscience Curriculum. Sunday AM. Participant support available.

August 27–September 4, 2016. 35th International Geological Congress, Cape Town, SA. Callan Bentley presenting.

August 1–3, 2016. Structural Geology and Tectonics Forum, Sonoma State University CA. Steve/Callan.

July 18–22, 2016. Earth Educators’ Rendezvous. Steve Whitmeyer, Shelley Whitmeyer.

July 6, 2016. Filis Coba thesis defense. ODU Department of Physics.

June 26–28, 2016. Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) Biennial Conference, University of Southern Florida. Jeff Ryan.

May 20–22, 2016. NSF Workshop on Future of Tectonics, Madison WI. Steve/Callan.

May 17, 2016. Rocky Mt GSA. Workshop: Google Tours, Sites, and Embedded Assessments for Distance and Online Education, Heather Almquist.

May 17, 2016. Rocky Mt GSA. Workshop: Bringing Virtual Outcrops into Your Courses, Callan Bentley and Bill Richards.

May 9–15, 2016. Inclusive Field Excursion to AZ, Steve Whitmeyer, Jen Piatek, and the GP_EXTRA team.

May 2–5, 2016. FOSS4G (Cesium Conference), Rayleigh NC. Mladen and/or Declan submitting.

April 27–29, 2016. Envisioning the Future of Undergraduate STEM Education: Research and Practice, Washington, DC. Declan De Paor poster

April 17–22, 2016. European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna, Austria. Jeff Ryan presenting.

March 31–April 1, 2016. SE GSA. Steve Whitmeyer, Mladen Dordevic, Jeff Ryan.

March 21, 2016. NE GSA. Declan De Paor, Filis Coba, and Paul Karabinos presenting.

March 20, 2016. NE GSA Workshop: Digital Geology Resources for Integrated Teaching and Research. Declan De Paor and Carol Simpson.

January 2016. Summit on the Future of Geoscience Education, UT Austin, Tx. Steve Whitmeyer presenting.