Earth Quiz.
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A Virtual Marine Sediment
Core Collection

Fold Analysis Challenge.
Read about it in J. Structural Geology

Reasons for the Seasons.
Read about it in International Journal of Digital Earth

GigaPan Virtual Field Experiences

Pangaea Breakup
Virtual Field Experience

MaRGEE: Move and Rotate Google Earth Elements. Read about it in   Computers & Geosciences

Exploring Marine Sediments

Grand Tour of the Terrestrial Planets. Read about it in
Journal of Geoscience Education

Grand Tour of the Ocean Basins


Note: Google has now released a new version of Google Earth for mobile devices and the Chrome browser. While aspects of this new version are impressive, it is limited at present. Thus, our learning modules still require use of the previous, standalone version of Google Earth. We hope that upcoming versions of Google Earth will eventually support advanced KML content and be able to run our modules.

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