• Pluto kmz

    Zipped Pluto.kmz

  • The Digital Geology Sandpit – A New Kind of Poster

    GSA 2014 Vancouver, Canada

  • India animation

    Using data from Copley et al. 2010 and the Google Earth Tool MARGEE we made a plate reconstruction for India. Click on the animation to download KMZ file.

  • Symbols

    By importing a CSV file from the geo field book app we are visualizing field data in Google Earth. We can:

    1. Import a CSV file with geolocation of the symbol along with the type, dip, strike, and so on.
    2. Edit properties of each symbol.
    3. Customize annotation.
    4. Export as KMZ or CSV file.

    Try it out


    Symbols out in the field

  • 3D Block Diagrams in SketchUp

    Paul Karabinos demos the use of SketchUp / Layout for strucutral geology